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The Coach Extra sports trousers are the top-of-the-range model in this product line. The principle of offsetting the openings towards the sides has been retained but improved in terms of functionality. For example, the new Coach has an adjustable Velcro fastening at the waist. The large opening at the front of the left leg (right leg for left-handed shooters) with a Velcro fastener makes this garment easy to put on. A far more important advantage is the ideal waist size adjustment, all the way to being fully open, for shooting from a kneeling position. This prevents any pressure on the stomach area when shooting from a kneeling position. For ideal firmness, the Coach Extra is fitted with an especially stiff and durable caoutchouc material on the front on the opposite side of the opening and on both sides of the seat up to the height of the upper thighs.The lower legs are made of canvas.

Using Sauers online configurator to design your trousers, you will receive an identification code, we will need this with your order.