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• Comfortable, tight-fitting loop lacing prevents pressure pains in the kneeling position

and can be adjusted to any foot shape very quickly .

• Thermoplastic material is now completely incorporated in the heel, outer and inner foot area

to achieve better lateral stability.

• Revised liner for better standing.

• Well-padded tongue made of perforated climate lining prevents pressure pain and

ensures excellent air circulation.

• Perforation openings in the outer shaft and air-permeable upholstery foam allow

an air supply to the foot.

• The rubber cap made of soft, elastic rubber has extremely high grip and

improves grip when kneeling.

• Velcro fastener for fine adjustment of the shoe.

• A new directional fixation system offers pressure-free fixation of the foot in the shoe without causing blood congestion;

Do not "fall asleep". This system is connected to the shaft lacing as a holistic unit.

The downstream clamping hook enables two-zone lacing. The downstream deep-drawn hook,

connected to the Digafix system, also improves the heel seat.

This lacing system enables any fixation variant.

• Novel rear cap with rear spoiler improves the seating comfort when kneeling

• New footbed with MFS® vacuum foam adapts perfectly to every foot shape

and thus achieves an optimal pressure distribution over the entire surface.