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The new Hitex E-Motion Suit was designed with the help of Matt and Katy Emmons, Olympic Champions from USA and Czech Republic The Motto of this Model is “Minimal folds of material for maximum room”Use of Spandex in the shoulder reduces the amount of material and "bulge" eliminating the issues of grip-to-jacket contact without sacrificing stability.Freedom of motion in key areas like sleeve-shoulder.Offset buttons keep the jacket from twisting.Shooting jacket E-motion is like the Evotop model made of EVOTEX and the finest leather all around the body and arms. Stable in shape even at changing temperatures and humidity.Soft perforated leather (Air System Sweat - Stop - Technology) around the neck for comfort and ideal body temperature.The fastening of the sling offers numerous variations.Elasticated material in the elbows reduces wrinkles and allows optimal positioning ofthe supporting arm.EVOTEX around the upper arm spreads and reduces the sling pressure and reduceswrinkles.TOP GRIP material is used on the supporting places.Buttons are made of dural and are held-in-place thanks to a screw and pad.

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